All-ceramic partial and full-arch prostheses

Clinical questions

Partial and full-arch zirconia frameworks are being used more often in implant prostheses. To what extent does the current evidence support these types of reconstructions?
Implant-supported prostheses on veneered zirconia have shown short-term survival rates as high as 98%. Unfortunately, however, a high incidence of chipping has also been reported: 22.8% for partial-arch reconstructions and 34.8% for full-arch.

Consensus viewpoint
Due to the high incidence of chipping reported, the prognosis of these reconstructions should be considered questionable. Patients should be informed of the potential technical complications in advance. Partial monolithic zirconia reconstructions seem to be viable alternatives to prevent chipping, but for the moment there is insufficient data to support this.
Key points
  • 1. Veneered zirconia in partial and full-arch fixed prostheses is associated with such high chipping rates that it cannot be recommended
  • 2. There is limited data available on monolithic zirconia reconstructions