The European Association for Osseointegration (EAO), Europe's leading association for implant dentistry, holds a Consensus Conference every three years, during which experts debate key areas of dental practice and reach a consensus. These conferences are fully funded by the Association to ensure that the findings are free from any commercial influence.

60 top scientists from around the world participated in the 2018 conference, held in Switzerland in February 2018 and discussed the following themes, which were broken down into several sub-topics:

A group of scientists already involved with preparing reports on the EAO annual congresses were asked to participate as observers in the work sessions and summarise the discussions. This summary has become the “Key points for clinical practice”, and it was prepared by Lino Esteve, Alberto Salgado, Guillem Esteve, Luis Miguel Sánchez and Javier Amigó on behalf of the EAO. It was created to share information in an easily and accessible way for all clinicians in the field of dentistry and to complement the official Proceedings of the 5th Consensus Conference published in COIR.

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Group 1: Drugs and diseases
Group 2: Biological parameters
Group 4: Biomechanical aspects