Tilted implants and treatment outcomes

Clinical questions

Can I tilt implants to compensate for anatomical limitations? How does tilting implants influence results?
Data gathered from 17 studies on 1,584 patients did not reveal significant differences between tilted and straight implants in terms of in medium-term survival rates or marginal bone loss.

Does that mean that straight and tilted implants perform equally?
Unfortunately, restorations with similar characteristics which are supported by tilted or straight implants have never been compared in a prospective study. Nor has the angulation of an implant been evaluated as a separate risk factor. Hence it is still not known whether tilting implants has an influence on peri-implant soft tissues or on prosthetic complications.

But are tilted implants still a valid treatment option?
Yes, but they are not the only option. The current recommendation is to carefully evaluate possible treatment alternatives on an individual basis.

Key points
  • 1. The outcomes reported with tilted and straight implants are comparable in terms of medium-term survival rates and marginal bone loss
  • 2. Prospective studies comparing tilted and straight implants are needed